How is a computer like a car?

Nothing like it, you may say.  A computer doesn’t have wheels, it won’t get you to work in the morning and ferry the kids around here, there and everywhere and you don’t have to keep filling it up with petrol.  But, think about it.  There are similarities.

  • We can’t do without them.
  • Speed is important.  We’d all much rather have a fast one!
  • You get the make and model that suits you.
  • Bigger isn’t always better.
  • They can take you to amazing places.
  • We like fitting them with the latest tech.
  • It takes a bit of training to use them properly.
  • There are good drivers and bad drivers of both.
  • We like to personalise them. (The furry dice adorning your rear-view mirror or comical bumper sticker are the equivalent of your home-screen photo and sticky-feet doodlebug.)
  • You can’t help being a back seat driver when your mum is at the controls.
  • The kids litter them with loads of rubbish.
  • They both need the occasional vacuum and wipe down.
  • You always want them to start first time, and rely on them working day in, day out.
  • It’s a major headache when they don’t.
  • They both need an MOT.  Yes, an MOT!

Just as your car shows wear and tear and needs a regular check-up, so does your computer.  And while you may not get fined for having no MOT on your computer, you could get punished with a really nasty virus, or costly bill to repair or replace kit that could have been saved.  Ignore it at your peril.

One of our customers, a young lady in her 80s, has relied on our computer MOT to keep her PC tip-top so she can manage all the accounts for her building.  Through routine maintenance and the odd repair, like replacement of a hard disk when it started to fail, we have kept it ticking over nicely for ten years.

Our computer MOT, at just £60 +VAT, is completed in a day and keeps your systems running smoothly, safely, and at optimum performance.

And just like Kwik Fit fitters, we’re the guys to trust – we won’t rip you off, charge over-the-top labour costs, or do any repairs without your say so.

So before you think of trading in your old banger, before your new PC gets clogged with dirty oil, before your engine starts coughing and spluttering, let us give it a once-over and get you back on the internet highway.

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