The First 10 Commandments of Online Security

Online security has never been more important that it is at present. The Government is even looking at how they can manage our online use, passwords are stolen and hacking is a major issue all over the world. But there are some basic things YOU should do to reduce the possibility of hacking causing you […] Read more »

Microsoft Support Lifecycle

The Windows XP expiry date is very quickly looming. In June 2014, Windows XP (all editions) will cease to be supported with Service Pack updates. What a shame that such a stable product will cease to exist while an unstable product live Windows Vista will still be supported. We are going through a process of […] Read more »

Shortcuts made easy on Windows 8


For those of you not using Windows 8 on a touch screen device, this info may help you work faster and smarter.  There’s really no need to scroll around with a mouse to make key functions appear.  Here’s our A to Z (nearly!) guide to keyboard shortcuts for any Windows 8 PC. You always need to press the […] Read more »

How is a computer like a car?

Computer MOT

Nothing like it, you may say.  A computer doesn’t have wheels, it won’t get you to work in the morning and ferry the kids around here, there and everywhere and you don’t have to keep filling it up with petrol.  But, think about it.  There are similarities. We can’t do without them. Speed is important.  […] Read more »

Cloud security up in the air

IT Cloud servers - Logicomm2000 IT Support

We all know how seriously we need to take data protection don’t we? Well, there still seems to be a grey area with some confusion arising over the law and data storage in the cloud. Let the recent £¼ million fine issued against the Scottish Borders Council, for ‘mismanaging’ the cloud company hired to digitise […] Read more »